Palestine, Texas (Feb. 12, 2009) -- Ken Bratz and his team at Leadership Resources and Consulting, led by Stacey Harris, formerly of Palestine, were recently honored by Target Training International (TTI) as the recipient of the Distributor of the Year Award at the TTI Winners’ Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. Harris leads the sales organization out of their Austin, Texas office.TTI presented the award to Bratz and Harris for their outstanding growth as TTI Value Added Associates. Leadership Resources’ sales expertise and years of experience in the industry have been instrumental in the success they bring to many large corporations. Bratz and his team use TTI assessments to deliver communication training programs that provide an understanding and appreciation for everyone’s unique behavioral strengths. In just its tenth year as a TTI Value Added Associate, Leadership Resources continues to remain TTI’s top distributor of assessment-based products in the United States and Canada. Leadership Resources also received the Distributor of the Year Award in 2008 for its business growth and position as TTI’s top distributor. Jim Robins, president of TTI Performance Systems, Ltd., said “Bratz and Harris truly understand the importance of effective communication in today’s collaborative work environment. Their ability to help clients improve productivity through leadership, team building and training creates a direct impact on the company’s bottom line.” “We are excited to receive this top award two years in a row,” Bratz said. Leadership Resources’ core purpose is to ultimately change lives. We help individuals in corporations, organizations and government agencies become more successful through understanding their behavior to positively interact with others. Based in Scottsdale, Ariz., Target Training International (TTI Performance Systems, Ltd.) is the leading developer and marketer of research-based, validated assessment tools to help businesses and organizations effectively meet their human resource needs. Its products are used by over 7,000 Value Added Associates in more than 50 countries and are available in 26 languages.