Welcome to Leadership Resources & Consulting DISC Facilitator's Site.

Because you have attended the LR&C DISC Certification, you now have access to the information on this site. If you have not attended the DISC Certification and purchased the LR&C Facilitator Kit and have been directed here by someone else please call us at 800-746-1656, 512-535-5985 or email us to purchase. The materials presented in this section are copyrighted.

We have also provided you with a cover for your notebook and a copy of the Reading Graphs Sheet with additional information included under the downloads section below.

We have materials in PDF, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

PDF Downloads

Table of Contents

Tab 1 - History of DISC

Tab 2 - DISC Participant Manual

Tab 5 - Miscellaneous

Tab 6 - Time Frames

Tab 7 - Interpretation Guide

Tab 8 - Coaching Guide


Spine for notebook

Handout - Reading Graphs


MS Word Downloads

Tab 02 - DISC Participant Manual

Tab 05 - Miscellaneous Exercises

Tab 06 - Time Frames

Tab 07 - SI Mgmt-Staff Interpretation Guide

Tab 08 - DISC Coaching Guide



Tab 3 - DISC 4-hour Presentation

Tab 4 - DISC Train-the-Trainer Slides

Tab 5 - Miscellaneous Exercises and Applications

Tab 9 - 12 Driving Forces



Star Exercise

The Number Game