Leadership Resources offers debriefing tele-conferences for your team. Does your team need additional training on DISC to help you better understand how your behavioral styles interact? Is it difficult for you to get away from the office to attend a training seminar? Is your team located in different locations? We have an option to meet all these demands. No travel expense is needed. You can work from your own office in the time frame that is good for you. Whether you are an expert on DISC or interested in learning more about the DISC model and how it affects your team, our DISC Team Debriefing Tele-Conference is designed for you! This program is designed for anyone who is interested in an in-depth look at the DISC model and how it applies to teams.

Objective / Goal:

To obtain a working understanding of the DISC system and its uses within a team. To prepare participants for analysis of their own DISC style and help them understand how to communicate effectively with other team members.

Topics Covered:

-Basic understanding of DISC -Team Interpretation

Materials Included:

-Team Wheel

DISC Team Debrief -- $500.00

This session typically consists of a 2-hour conference calls scheduled at your convenience. Each team member must take the online DISC assessment prior to this session. Reports must be purchased separately and are not included with the Debrief.

You may also enroll by calling 1-800-746-1656 or email us. We can also provide you volume pricing on some products.