andi parker

Andi joined the Leadership Resources Team in March 2006. She firmly believes in the core purpose statement of Leadership Resources & Consulting--changing lives. Andi's life has been changed through the encouragement of the LR&C team as well as the personal empowerment she's gained through DISC.  After graduating from high school, Andi attended Sam Houston State University. She has always had an enthusiastic interest in psychology and human behavior and those passions have proven effective in applying DISC with her clients.

Andi has successfully completed her Certified Professional Business Analyst (CPBA) certification and Certified Professional Values Analyst (CPVA).

She loves writing poetry, playing and coaching sports, going to the beach, dancing, spur of the moment vacations and spending lots of time with her husband and two daughters!

 Andi believes living life to the fullest is not just doing for herself but becoming more involved in local charities and ministries and making an impact on lives.

Contact Andi at 800-746-1656 or email